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A Business Trip to China: Conversation & Application vol.1 - Textbook with 1CD and workbook

Xiaojun Wang Ph.D., Zhang Wangxi, Sun Dejin
Merchandise Format: Printed book | Audio CD or Files
Language: Simplified Chinese | English
Language Skill: Comprehensive
Language Level: Elementary
Optional Component(s):

Notably interactive, these materials introduce vocabulary that is fundamental to business and provide useful and relevant dialogues and exercises to practice that vocabulary and the linguistic-cultural conventions for using that vocabulary in business situations. The authors have been imaginative and thoughtful in the situations which they have selected for the bases of the dialogues and accompanying exercises. They have been comprehensive in including practice with typical forms that business people must fill out during the course of their working day. The fortunate students who study this book have before them the happy prospect of having a significant jump ahead of their predecessors when they arrive in China and begin to get to work.

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Price: ¥72.00 CNY
Discount: Varies by qty.
In Stock
Merchandise ID: 000401
ISBN13: 9787561914540
ISBN10: 7561914547
Publication Date: 2005-7
Approximate: 285|210|18 mm
Pages: 174 pages
Available Download:
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